How to Submit Website XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

So our website is ready, now the first thing that came in to our mind that how to come in search rankings. To come up in search rankings our website need to be index by the search engines. So, we need to do some SEO related stuff.

As we already discussed about On Page SEO and XML sitemaps are one of the most important factor to index website instantly. We have already basic overview of sitemaps in a website and  xml sitemaps . I also already discussed about how to create xml sitemap for a website and how to create xml sitemap in wordpress website?

Sitemaps helps search engines to crawl website easily. Google webmaster is a tool that is used to submit Sitemaps and it control the website for various perspectives (I will discusses about Google webmaster tool later).

To submit sitemap to Google Search engine, we will use Google webmaster tool because its a medium to submit XML sitemap to Google Search engine. First, we need to sign in Google webmaster tool – for this we should have Google Account.

1- First we need to Add Site, So click on ADD A SITE button and enter the URL of your website and click continue.

addsite Webmaster tool

2- Then you should verify the website (there will be several methods to verify the website).

verify website

3- Go to website Dashboard

4- In left side bar, you will see crawl menu, click on it. It will expand with multple options.


5 – Click on Sitmaps

6- It will open Sitemap dashboard, click on ADD/TEST Sitemap.

7- A Popup will open with url field, fill the sitemap name with correct path and submit.


8- For new website, it will take 1-2 day to show sitemap url submission and index result.

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