How to generate Robots.txt online for websites?

online-robots-txt-generatorWe had already discussed about Robots.txt in websites and their importance. Now, i am going to share some online websites that can help to create robots.txt for the websites. These website generates robots.txt code online. So, if you are confused about robots.txt instruction then you don’t need to worry about, just click and get  your robots.txt file code online. Just copy and paste the code in notepad and name it to robots.txt.


Click to know more about Robots.txt for websites.


1-   Robots Control code generation tool –      By visiting this url, you will find a tool that will ask you some information to choose like All robots allowed or not , crawl delay, sitemap link, specific spider with many spider as option to allow or not allow to crawl your website,  restricted directories path etc. All option will be in select box or check box or text fields. ITs very easy to create robots.txt with no problem at all.


Robots Generator will ask you to choose allow or disallow robots, will ask sitemap url, and will ask allow or disallow some specific spiders.


SEO Book’s robots.txt generator tool will ask allow or disallow spiders and have options to add directories to not allow .



This is advance robots.txt generator. Its has many spiders options with directory options. you can add many directories with different -2 spiders.
Also can add xml sitemap to robots.txt


Note – You can choose any one from online robots.txt generator. After generating  robots.txt, you should create a txt file named as robots.txt and place it in your website root folder.
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