Awesome features of Google everyone should know

I am listing down some awesome features of Google search. Some of very known features but some are very unknown for most of people. Lets revisit some unique Google search features.

1. Google Translator – Just visit and translate your language to any other language.


2. Calculator – Google has inbuilt calculator. just type 10% of 5000 and see result.


3. Find pizza in city – Yes, you are new to any city just type pizza with city name or pincode. For eg. pizza 201301


4. Set timer – You can also set timer in Goggle Search . For eg. set timer 5 minute


5. Search flights –  If you want to have one option to search flight and want to avoid multiple operators then Google will be the best option.


6. Holiday Search – Searching the name of a holiday will show what date is holiday on


7. Convert currency  –  Google has inbuilt currency converter. Just type 100 inr to usd and see result –


8. Looking for a PDF or PPT file for a specific topic. You can search by filetype by searching filename:ppt


9. Putting “..” between two numbers will search within that range – smartphone 5000..7000


10. Google has a built in calculator for tipping, just search “tip calculator”


11. If you want to know what time the sun will rise or down just type- sunrise india or sunset india






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