SEO: A Beginner’s Guide for 2020

So before moving into the actual topic SEO or Search Engine Optimization, we will talk about why we need search Engine Optimisation.

Why we need SEO

Students, housewife, a part-time job seeker etc. search over the internet to look for the ways to earn money. And found various ways to earn money online.

So one of them is blogging and/or If it talks about the second scenario:

If you are a company, agency or any eCommerce shop that have a website for digital presence And looking for ways to promote or sell their products online. But don’t know-how.

Bloggers have their blog, companies has their websites, Shoppers, retailers has their eCommerce website. Now what to do next, how they will reach to their audience in the market.

Well, more than 3 billion internet users in the World. So how will you reach the potential audience to sell their products or how bloggers will reach their audience. Because they are not alone in the race, there are millions of bloggers on the Internet and other millions of companies working har for their potential audience.

So we will discuss the way, how to be successful online. Everyone knows if any user would like to buy anything or like to know about anything or like to compare anything, always use Google. 90% of internet users always do Google before taking ay decision for any online activity.

So coming in Google’s 1st page is very important for bloggers or other business websites.

Have you ever thought why some websites come in top rankings and some not? And how the search engine works.

I am going to discuss the method, why some websites come in top rankings. And what they do and how do they this.

The process of coming on the front page of Google is a very deciding factor because it impacts on the business, on the blogs and the reputation of the Google itself as results quality is always Google priority.

So the method or process for coming in top Search Engine rankings is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO abbreviates Search engine optimization, a process or strategy of getting traffic from the search engines for the website. SEO organically drives traffic and increase visitor count for a web page or website. A website gets traffic from the top rankings of SERP’s for all major search engines like Google, yahoo etc. SEO helps in making top ranking for a website by keywords.

SEO is the best practice to increase the website traffic because user searches something in search engine and gets the result as SERP i.e. Search Engine Result Page and mostly clicks top ranking results. Top ranking websites get more visits then low rankings websites. SEO is an organic way to increase website traffic because of its natural process for rankings as per search engine algorithms. One should know about search engine working to implement SEO on a website for organic rankings.

If you are still confused with organic results, let me explain- when any user search something like – any key phrases “sports center in India” then search engine for eg. Google show a list of result i.e SERP are organic results.

Please see below image –

In image you can see organic and inorganic (Paid) results. One need to perform SEO for long-time high traffic on a website.

seo organic results and SERP

SEO is categorized in On page and Off page SEO.

On-Page SEO

On page optimization is the first  and most important part of search engine optimization. A good on page optimization will fix all your issues related to search and you will see a drastic change in your website rankings. On Page SEO is a practice that fix web pages to perform well. A basic understanding of HTML tags is necessary  for on page optimization. So below are the must todos for on page optimization –

Title Tags –  Most basic thing to do for any web page. Always include your main keyword in the title tag or you business name. If some one search by your business name , will find you.

Meta  Description – Meta description is  an important on page seo factor . It also include in SERP . Always  include main keywords and selling point in the meta description. It should not be too generic.

HTML Tags –  Search engines  give special attention to html tag  like h1, h2, h3, strong, em  as these tags highlight certain part of content.

Content is king –  Search engines loves unique content and ignore duplicate  or low quality content.

Optimized URL – Website urls should be properly optimized with main keywords in it.

Keyword Research and Optimization – Keyword research and optimization is an integral part. Always do keywords research for your website and optimize them. Always have good keywords density on each page. Don’t stuff your website too many keywords, it will be a negative impact for both readers and search engines.

Keyword density – Keyword density in a page should be 5-7% . Always try to use most important keywords in first 2 paragraphs of your content.

Link Optimization – Optimize external and internal links for both your visitors and search engines both. Link optimization gives better optimization to your visitors.

Image Optimization- Always have alt tag, title tag, file name for image optimization.

XML Sitemap –  Always  have dynamic xml sitemap in the website.  Learn more about sitemaps :

What is a sitemap?

How to  create xml sitemap in website?

How to create  xml sitemap in WordPress?

Robots.txt – Always have robots.txt  in your website root folder. Always block files/folders that you don’t want to be indexed.

Learn more about  – what is On Page SEO ?

Off-Page SEO

Off Page seo is the technique to improve the position of the website  in search engines. Many  people relate Off Page optimization to link building but its more than that.  After on page seo and unique content, off page seo is  key area of work. It’s all about link building, social media, online reputation management , social bookmarking and there is lot more things to  do.

Basic difference between on page and off page is, On page  optimization we do in the website  and off page seo we do in external website. For example, if we are leaving a blog comment on any external website  link pointing back to out website or we are sharing our website  link on social media that  is off page optimization.

Basically, off page we do because Search engine find it useful & helpful if some other website point our website for any reference. Search engines likes link back and find them useful.

So, Off page seo improves keyword rankings , web presence, build  trust by back link, domain authority, link popularity, brand awareness and lot more.

So below are the off page activities –

  1. Community Creation in Social network –
  2. Link building
  3. Article marketing
  4. Blogging
  5. Forums
  6. Search engine submissions
  7. Social bookmarking
  8. Link exchange
  9. Website interlinking
  10. Video marketing
  11. Reviews
  12. Press release submission
  13. Questions and answers
  14. Blog comments
  15. Local listings
  16. Classifieds
  17. PPT creation and submission
  18. Contribute as guest author

Learn more about off page seo  – What i s Off Page SEO ?

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Please share your experience or any have any questions related to SEO.

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