Top 5 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Social Bookmarking sites are those where we share out post / links publicly and can be viewed by other members or readers of those websites. These social bookmarks organized by category or tagging feature.

In digital marketing, social bookmarking is most used activity and i am going to share top 10 website that anyone can use to promote their content:

Reddit –  Most popular among all social bookmaking websites. It’s a social new aggregation, web content rating and discussion website. Users can rate, upvote, downvote links shared by other users and most upvote link shows on top place.



Mix (formerly StumbleUpon): Social content curation curation website StumbleUpon closed and moved to Mix. Mix is also a social content curation website that allows to collect articles , links and content about specific interest.We can easily bookmark our page on Mix platform that will be shared with all users.







 – is a content curation website with social bookmarking , upload document etc. You can create a topic and start scoop by clicking New Scoop . Users can read the content , like scoop, share and scoop again. It has free and paid both options available.








Pinterest:  Pinterest used mainly images for content curation. Images attract users and when we visit the website then we can see images with story in it.  We can create board and start pin. Every pin can have link back to the original story.

We can save other users pin , follow them and comment on pins.We can follow the topics to see related pins. Most of users are women and apporx 40% from USA.




Digg:  Digg is a news aggregated content curation website.  It’s a user submitted news stories social networking website. Digg also builds its own list of stories that have potential to go viral on web. Digg one of oldest content curation and change over the time with cool features.

diggBeing Social with your content is a best way to get traffic. Try with above options and you can make the difference. Please write  down in comments  which site you find most useful.

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