How to do keywords research for SEO and importance of keywords?

SEO begins with content and search depends on some keywords or key phrases that user search on search engines to get desired results. So right keyword for any business will be like gold fishes in a pond and the fisherman who caught these fishes always uses right direction and right geographic area.

In a website, content covers various keywords but which keywords are important for your website and business that need to be found. What your website is about, your products, your services is all surround keywords. But the main focus is how to find best and most searched keywords because it’s not always getting visitor to your website, the right kind of visitors always matters. Keywords research comes under on page search engine optimization. So the very first step will be to make a list of your product and services keywords i.e what your will offer to your customers. You can also try Google instant search for most used search query by just typing your keyword in search box and Google will show you most searched instant relevant search options.


Never make a list of single keywords only because user never search by single keyword but it is better if you rank for single keywords but single keywords take time to come in top rankings. So always try key phrases or long tail keywords initially. You can also try your Geographic area only if your services are limited to for a Geographic area only.

For example, if you are a tiles manufacturer or supplier in Delhi only. And you have a website with all kind of tiles listed in your website. Then, You should target your Geographic area only because if your go for single keywords like Tiles or Ceramic Tiles or Granite tiles – first It will take some time and lot effort to come in top rankings and suppose if you comes in top rankings then you will not get relevant visitors because Delhi residents will search keywords like tiles in Delhi, tiles supplier in Delhi etc. So you are losing your business and efforts on wrong keywords, it could be these long tail keywords have low traffic and short single keywords have high traffic but always go for relevant keywords with relevant visitors only.

Below are some keywords tools that suggest you related keyword with their estimate searches. All these are free to use but some of them have paid version also with better results.

Free keyword research tools-

WordStream Keyword Tool It is best and has a huge database and offer you to customize searches by filtering wrong or porn keywords. It also offers options for identifying negative keywords, keyword grouping, and finding keyword niches. Top 100 results are available for free.

Wordtracker reveals high-performing keywords in minutes via its easy-to-use interface. It shows you what people are searching for, gives you a multitude of suggestions for keyword phrases, and computes how much competition you might face for the terms you select. A free account is required.

SEO Book Keyword Tool offers search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo, and Bing and links them to related global search results; links to Google Trends, Google Suggest, Google Synonyms, Yahoo! Suggest, and Keyword Discovery keyword research results; links to vertical databases like Topix, Google Blogsearch, and; and much more.

Ubersuggest makes good use of Google Suggest and other suggest services. You can instantly get thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries. It also offers vertical results for images, news, shopping, video, and recipes.

Google keyword planner – You can also use Google keywords planner, for your knowledge Google AdWords keyword tool no longer exists. To use Google keyword planer you should have AdWords account.

Google webmaster tool – Google webmaster tool also provide you keyword queries that are fetching traffic for you website. After getting an idea you can plan keywords accordingly.


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