Top 10 PHP Frameworks to Use

PHP is the most widely used language for web development. More than 80% websites are  being developed on PHP. PHP is easy to use, interactive and open source. PHP having inbuilt database integration support, world famous Frameworks and CMS that make development more interactive and easy to build.

Today, i am going to list down some of the best PHP frameworks to be used in 2015 . I am writing down list after seeing some greatest surveys  results –

1 – Laravel – Laravel is most used php framework in the world. Laravel offers powerful queue library, ORM,  good routing , migration, light weight template engine  and easy authentication.


2 – Symfony 2 – Symfony is scalable, powerful MVC php framework .It is a set of reusable php component. Less repetition of code.


3 – Nette – A productive and enjoyable PHP MVC framework.  Write less code  and do more.

Top 10 PHP Frameworks to Use 1

4- CodeIgniter – CodeIgniter is very popular php framework with full documentation and large user community.


5 –Yii Framework –  Yii is fast, secure and modern php framework. It is being used for high performance php web applications.


6 – PHPPixie– Its lightweight MVC PHP framework used for fast, light weight applications. It provide solid foundation for development.


7 – Zend – Zend is most used object oriented PHP framework for high performing web applications. It comes with secure coding tools which allow you to execute web app development projects in a flawless manner.


8 – Cake PHP–  Easy to learn, fast and flexible templating.


9 – Phalcon


10 – Slim – Slim is php micro framework used for quick write simple and powerful web applications.



Please share in comments section what framework you guys are using.

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