PHP Good or Bad – An Overview


I was thinking since quiet of time, why I found so much PHP  haters over the internet community.

I also worked on PHP and some other PHP frameworks like drupal, WordPress etc. I personally found PHP an easy language to start with.

It could be a very emotional question to ask any PHP developer about  PHP VS any other programming language.

AS we know, PHP is being used by more than 80% websites over the internet. PHP frameworks and cms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Cake, Codeigniter, magneto are being used in many high tech websites.

Facebook – the biggest social network and Wikipedia are in PHP.

PHP is good for websites and web applications only. Sometimes I also found PHP code became dirty and very hard to maintain. But it depends, how you are writing code.


I will suggest a newbie learn PHP along with HTML and CSS to develop dynamic webpages. Because it’s very easy to start with and understand the web development process.

LAMP stack is very popular in web development. Linux Apache Mysql and P – PHP or Python. (Please comment if I am missing something).

Every language has some pros and cons like this PHP has some pros and cons too. I am going to list some advantages points about PHP-


1 -PHP having a huge documentation You can start in a very easy way. It has a big open source community, you will find all your answers by just googling.

2 -It’s very easy to install, you can use WAMP or XAMPP as sever with MySQL database inbuild.

3 -CMS solves most of the problems easily.   WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc are PHP built-in cms for creating website quickly. All cms have a large community to get help.

4- You will get lots of tutorials and blogs to get help while doing PHP programming. So, you will never feel any problem.

5- Now, PHP supports OOPS to write maintainable and clean code.

6- You will get major hosting support for PHP websites.

7 – PHP 7  is an improved version over the last one.

8 – Also, PHP is the most discussed languages over the internet.

9 -You will found more job opening in PHP other than any programming language.

10 -Object-oriented PHP is fast enough for websites.

Some people say, PHP  is not secure but a good programmer takes care of all security parameters while writing the code.

I will not write bad parts of PHP because we the programmers write bad or ugly code. So, we should cleverly solve the issues while blaming languages.

Please write in comments – PHP bad or good. Thanks.


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