Process of Window 8 up gradation from window 7

You looking for upgrade from window 7 to window 8 for better window experience with Windows Store, Start screen, and Microsoft account features. Then, here are the basic steps you need to follow to upgrade –

1 – First check you pc’s compatibility for windows 8. Download upgrade assistant and install. Upgrade assistant will check which program and devices are compatible for window 8.

2 – Review the compatibility report by Upgrade Assistant. It will show you, Ur pc compatibility for windows 8, current compatible program and program that need to be review. But most of window 7 program will work on window 8.

3- Choose what to keep – After you got the compatibility report, it will ask you what you want to keep on your pc. It will be a good practice if you prepare a backup disc before doing this process.

4 – Buy Window 8 – Upgrade Assistant will tell you which window edition to buy. You can buy online and download or you can buy a DVD from store. If you are buying online then follow the payment instruction. You will receive a product key.

5- Start the upgrade – Click next to start download window 8.1 .After downloading, choose install option and follow instruction, it will ask your product key that you received in your email id.. You can also make Microsoft account for your window.

This is the Window 8.1 start screen.




Process of windows 7 installation.


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