Tips for changing your Windows startup options

Is your computer slow to start? I advises you to remove all unnecessary startup services and programs to improve system performance. When you start your computer, several applications will be loaded along with the operating system. Some of them are required for the smooth working of your computer and some of them are not really essential.

You need to press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete buttons simultaneously to open the Windows task manager window. Then, click on the Processes tab. You will find a number of processes that are running in your computer. Can’t identify the essential processes? I suggests that you search the Internet to identify the use of each process. And note down each process that is not essential for the running of your computer.

Click on Start, then Run and type MSCONFIG in the Run box and press Enter. Then, click on the Startup tab. Do you see any processes that you noted down earlier? I recommends that you disable these items from the list. You need to uncheck the boxes next to the processes that are not required.

Some of the items you noted down may not be available in the startup tab. You can find it in the Startup Services tab. Like the unwanted programs, you can remove unwanted startup services also. To do this, click on the Startup services tab in the same system configuration window and uncheck the boxes next to the services that you want to remove.

Then you can close the system configuration utility window. Emphasizes that you need to restart your system to implement the changes that you just made.

Is your system still slow at startup and in performance? I says that maybe it’s time you contacted the techies

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