Huge Advantages with Windows 7

For those who are looking to buy a new desktop PC or a laptop, they have to know that the game of Windows XP and Vista are over for Microsoft and the new Windows 7 is taking the league forward. The observations made till now says that there are no complaints regarding the functioning of new operating system and the customers are satisfied regarding the advantages they have availed through Windows 7 migration.

Starting from the main benefit, the users can see the new Windows 7 as a user friendly system because of its clear and sound desktop settings. Firstly, there is a relatively big and visible taskbar present at the desktop which makes a lot of work simple for an individual. Besides this, one can also shift the icons over it according to the priority.

Further, the exceptional option of Windows Live Essentials is also provided in the new operating system through which a user can easily download the latest updates and other Windows related stuff free of cost from the web. The ‘Start’ tab on the taskbar is also efficient and user friendly as for the first time, Micrsoft has presented an operating system where you can access the Internet directly through the taskbar. Here, you just have to click over the ‘Start’ button and have to type the name of a site and you directly get transferred to Internet.

window 7

With the new Windows 7 , the user also get assured about a user friendly desktop, where the windows or other applications could be adjusted priority wise and could be opened for an instant access.

So, there are numerous advantages present with the latest Windows 7 operating system and hence, one should not hesitate before going for a Windows 7 migration.

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