Top Future Technology Trend 2020

We are in the 21st century and new technology in 2020 is now evolving such a fast pace that the prediction of new technology is becoming outdated before we come to know about them and start discussing.

Updating with new technology trends make people and businesses to be prepared for new opportunities. Because new technology in 2020 creates more opportunity for the business and creates more jobs for the future.

So we should always concerned about new technology trends. I am going to list out new 2020 technology trends.

5G network

Yes, we are talking about 5G. It’s the fastest upcoming internet technology in 2020, that will eventually replace 4G LTE.  It will enhance enterprise connections dramatically, boost AI technology, and transform IoT sensors.

We will see IoT devices expected to increase after the 5G release. And IoT related business will see a massive positive impact on their business.

5G wireless network will be superfast, up to 100 times faster than the 4G.

5G smartphones users will experience extreme low-latency and response times.

But telecommunication companies need to increase bandwidth and reducing network course to adopt 5G.

5G technology is still in trial mode and fully adopted by individual users in the next 5 Years.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is big tech evolutions in the last couple of years and it will continue to be in trend for next years.

We have seen multiple startups in recent years that are more focused on AI. And working to improve the customer experiences by AI and streamline their business.

AI has replaced several monotonous jobs by using automation. Automation is a hot topic because it might be a reason for potential job loss. But
Automation also create new jobs because especially in the field of AI

If we talk about the uses case of AI its everywhere for smartphones, to cars, to the smart home devices, streaming services, banks it’s everywhere.

Know more about Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning

It’s part of AI. A buzz word on the internet and every one is talking about it.

Machine Learning is the programs that provide learning ability to computers and improves from past experiences for accurate predictions.

Computer programs use statistics to find a pattern and insights in a massive amount of data.

Machine Learning algorithm mainly categorizes in supervised and unsupervised learning and has subset within it like Natual Language Processing, Neural Network and Deep Learning.

Machine Learning market size expected to grow USD 8.81 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 44.1%.

Netflix & Amazon big examples of machine learning, they use machine learning for user behaviour on their past movies and past products purchases.

Google also uses Machine Learning in Search result Algorithm, Facebook recognizes our friends in photos also a machine learning example.

Autonomous Driving

There is a lot of Buzz in recent years about autonomous driving. Companies like Tesla, Wayom working towards autonomous driving.

Tesla chief Elon Musk already discuss the future of the autonomous vehicle and how it will impact the business industry.

In an interview, he has told that in 2020 or in the coming years, we will have a million robot taxis on the road.

So we will see man debates about autonomous driving until it successfully launched.

Blockchain Technology

When we talk about blockchain technology first comes in your mind is bitcoin. Yes, Bitcoin is cryptocurrency is somehow we relate blockchain with Bitcoin. But blockchain technology offers vast security it can be used in many other ways.

Blockchain is like a system that used to record transactions in the blocks publicly. But the information is encrypted so we can ensure that privacy of the data is not compromised and data cannot be altered.

In recent years when the blockchain launched, people talk about it lot and said this will not be the upcoming Technology but blockchain got financed by a few big Tech companies. We can see lots of new thing about blockchain in the coming years.

Internet of things

Internet of things(IoT), in recent years IoT has gained very popularity and also going to be the next top trends in 2020 also.

IoT especially connects multiple devices and create a virtual network where everything works under one single monitoring centre.

For example, Smart Homes is a very popular example of IoT, Smart Homes is IoT enabled systems that is most popular in USA and other developed countries.

Most of the family adopted IoT enabled smart homes for their house. They can monitor their house like can switch on-off the lights, fans, the doors, set the temperature etc.

Smart homes are just one example under the use case of IoT. Other IoT enabled applications are –

  • Sensors
  • A fitness tracker like Fitbit
  • Smart Grid
  • IoT connected factories
  • Smart TVs
  • Toys
  • Smart City

Technology in Agriculture

Companies in USA are working to improve agriculture fields by using computer vision, AI, and big data.

In 2020, it will become common to monitor crop growth by computer vision. We will see more news about this in 2020 new technology.

There are lots of other technology that are going to change the future and our life. Please suggest what other technologies that are going to make an impact of on an ordinary human being.

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