Domain name Extensions – how much they matter in Search engine rankings?

Domain names are the human readable internet address of the websites. Some popular domain extensions are .com , .org, .net, .info etc. for example – . Subdomains are a lower-level component of a root domain and precede the domain name. (Ex.

No, domain extensions like .com, .org or .net are never the reasons for top search engine rankings. .Com associates commercial websites , .net for network , .org for organization(NGOs) , .edu for education like for schools, university and .biz for small business related websites. .Com domain extensions are the first domain name extensions over the internet and most of the peoples prefers .com domain extensions. I also prefer .com domain name extensions because keyboard shortcuts also open by default .com extensions.

There are country specific domain extensions also like .in, .au, .uk, .us etc. These country specific domain extensions rank well in their specific countries. Like if we talk about .us domain extensions, it will not rank well outside USA. Mostly country specific business uses country domain name extensions.

domain name extensions
domain name extensions

You will find many .org , .edu , .info, .in website having better rankings over .com domain extensions. Well its a topic of debate and everyone has own views as per their experiences.

For direct and mouth marketing short primary domain name are better but they also does not affects rankings in search engines. For local business always try to choose domain name for your targeting keywords that can help in better search engines rankings. For international level always choose brand friendly, catchy and unique domain name that contains keywords they are trying to target.

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