Process for Windows 7 Installation

Now it’s been proved that Windows 7 has recorded a big win over previous operating systems. So, there is no harm in experiencing a change for a new OS. Many people are buying new PCs for themselves while many are taking the route of Windows 7 installation. As per expert’s advice, a migration service provided by a tech support company is a good option. However, if you want to install it by yourself then following steps should be taken.

How to upgrade to Windows 8 ?


Firstly, you should pick an original Windows 7 DVD to install it into your system. Further, when you will insert it, the system would ask you to press any key in order to reboot the system. The installation would start properly when you will press any key over your keyboard. Afterwards, you would be asked to select time, currency format and language, which should be filled for a proper setup installation.

Moving forward in the process, you will be asked to select the upgrade process. If you are using Windows Vista then you need to select the ‘Upgrade’ option or if you are still using Windows XP, you need to go for ‘Custom’.

Before selecting the space where you want to install new Windows 7, you need to ensure that about 5716mb space is free for the application in that partition. However, if you try to install the same in less space, the computer would automatically flash a warning to stop you.

In the end, the system would again ask you to press any key for reboot but, this time you don’t have to do this and wait for 5 seconds. As the system reboots again, the Windows 7 are installed in your system.

So, the process is not so hard for the Vista users but, if you are using Windows XP, the Windows 7 migration service offered by tech support companies are advised.

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