Web Designers and Web Developers – An Overview

Everyone uses internet today, surf different websites for various purposes. People uses internet usually came across a term web design . Sometimes i have seen many people usually confuse between web designers and web developers. Sometimes it becomes a topic of discussions with non technical knowledge people.

When a non technical person wants to create a website or web application for his company or for his new venture, then this problems usually comes to explain him about web design and web development – the 2 different part of website creation.

Designers usually struggles with adding database to website and developers struggles while selecting colors, images and layout because these are  not their respective jobs . A designer don’t know about MySQL queries, regular expressions, functions, loops, programming concepts etc  and on another side web developers can not create a visually stunning website theme liked by everyone.

But now a days, peoples search for developers that can do both tasks design and development. But while choosing such developers clients should  always take care of all the work requirement. And client should know very well the difference between design and development process.

As per my view, if i know both design and development then i will be expertise in any one of them. Whether i can create a exceptional template or i can write a well efficient code. Its’s very hard to find anyone who is really have excellent skills in design and development. But there are exceptions too.

Lets differentiate both roles design and development by skill sets –

Web Designer  – If we talk about best web designers – best creative persons. A good web designers should have a creative mind. Can get client vision and thoughts and convert their visions into artistic beautiful design or templates that can attract millions of peoples. Web designers usually a marketing team part in product companies or sometimes interact with clients to have their thoughts . A good web designers should know all the principles of design and how to attract customers to navigate across the website because it’s so easy to do.

A good designer should know usability, design principles,  user interface design, Photoshop, illustrator, Dreamweaver, Corel draw, flash,  X HTML, CSS coding and little bit java script too.


Web Developer –  Web developer used to write functional part of websites. They are  more technical in nature, having strong analytical skills, problem solving skills and good in math. A web developer should know basically html, css, javascript and any programming language like PHP, Python, ROR, java, ASP,PErl  etc.  and any database like mysql. A developer should have the knowledge of  firebug, chrome debugging skills, ftp, IDE , web server etc. Developers gives the life of static website with more dynamic content.

Both design and development, is an integral part of website creation. An beautiful and creative design can make any website outstanding. And a well written functional code can make any product or website outstanding.

Please write  in comments about your views about web design and web development and their importance respectively. Thank you.

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