MongoDB Cloud – How to Create a Project and access via Compass?

In last tutorial, we learnt how to create free MongoDB Atlas cluster .  Now,i will go through below process –

1-  Create  a new Project

2- Add users to the project

3-  Add security to the project

4- Access the database from MongoDB Compass UI

Create  a new Project  –  Click on New Project to create a project under the cluster.


Give the name of project and click Next.  In next screen, you can also invite others project members. Go ahead and Create Project.

name-project-mongodb     Now, you need to create a fresh cluster for your project. Go ahead and          repeat the process that we learn in last tutorial.




So, you created a new cluster for Test Project.

Add users to your cluster – Under your cluster, go to security tab and click to add new user.




Add Security to cluster – Under Security, click on IP whitelist and add IPs that you want to give access to this cluster.




Access DB From Compass –  Compass is the GUI for MongoDB. We will discuss in next tutorial about Compass more.

Download MongoDB compass from for the platform you are using.

Open the compass  UI and go for new connection to view the project.

Hostname – It will be your primary cluster name . Don’t include port number in the host name.







Port  – Port will be 27017

Authenticate by User name and password for the user that we added while creating the project.

Read Preference – Primary Preferred

Anything else will remain default. You can also set your connection as favorite to use it frequently. Click connect and you will be connected to your project.


We will discuss more about Compass and Mongo shell to connect  and use the project.

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