Best Photoshop Alternatives to use in 2015

Adobe Photoshop is 25 years old and so dominant among industry professionals. It’s very hard to  find best alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is world wide recognized and the first choice of industry professionals. But Photoshop is not available for free So today i am going to list down some other Photoshop alternatives –

1 –Gimp – Gimp is very popular desktop software and freely available. It comes with most of stack like Adobe Photoshop but not as feature rich as Photoshop. Gimp version available on windows and Linux with many learning resources. It supports RAW formats, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc.




2 –  It’s the more feature rich version of Paint that comes with Windows by default. Peoples likes it for friendly editing , cool interface and easier to use than Gimp but don’t have much features.




3 – Pixlr –  If you love to edit images online then Pixlr would be your first choice. It’s browser based looks like Photoshop , free and anywhere available. It supports BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG. It supports most of the Photoshop features but you can get advance features in Premium subscription.





4 – PicMonkey  PicMonkey is another image editing tool runs on browsers. Images can be taken from computer, flicker, Dropbox etc. Paid version gives you the most advanced features.






5 – SumoPaint  Its also the browser based image editing tool with features like Symmetry tool, gradients, brushes and other fun image editing tools. It supports BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG.





6 – Krita  This open source tool is one of the best image editing tool for Linux and UNIX platform. It lacks in some department as compared to Photoshop and Gimp. It supports all Windows-compatible media formats.




7- Adobe Photoshop ExpressPhotoshop Express is the basic version of Photoshop that you can use in browser itself. Android and IOS apps also available. You can perform most of the basic tasks but it will not give you desktop version control.




Please write in comments other Photoshop alternatives to use.  Thanks!!


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