Best 5 Content Management System(CMS) to use in 2015

Content Management System (CMS) is a set of prebuilt internet tools to create, upload and manage content online. A good CMS gives option to developers write custom code, templates and modules etc. While choosing CMS, its important to know the CMS programming language and your comfortable programming language. Some points need to be keep in mind before choosing the CMS like Security , Commerce and Business Add-ons , Standard Add-ons, performance,  and Ease of Use.

There are many options but i am going to list down some best and most used content management software on the web –

1 – Drupal Drupal is one of the best CMS built on PHP. Drupal community is very large and popular.  Drupal is pure CMS and best fit for complex web applications. Drupal comes with a set of modules in installation package, you can also download other modules from Drupal gives the full customization options to create highly scaled websites.


Drupal uses PHP template engine so to customize Drupal you should have knowledge of  PHP , HTML and CSS. Drupal’s content creation kit gives the flexibility to create page as blog, story, news, blogs, products etc.


2- WordPress – WordPress most popular CMS started in 2003 as blogging platform. Millions of website are running on PHP built WordPress. It’s a great platform for beginners with no technical knowledge, one can make own blog or websites easily.  There is lots of theme and plugin available to make everything thing easier and a big community is also available to help out.




Many web host provides one click WordPress installer feature. You just need to install WordPress on your domain and choose your website or blog theme and you are done with basic website.

3 – ExpressEngine – ExpressEngine is not a complete open source CMS because it is not free. It costs $300. Ofcourse it also comes with support and full custom options.




4- Joomla   Joomla is very advanced CMS, it often compared WordPress and Drupal but it has some own characteristic.  Joomla’s offers admin interface that can handle  heavy article websites.  Joomla is similar to Drupal as complete CMS platform just not for blog or small websites.  Most common web host provide one click installer for Joomla. Joomla also have big community like drupal and wordpress.




5- Magento –  Magento is a eCommerce platform, it’s just like a cms because you can create eCommerce website easily with Magneto. More than 3 Laksh Ecommerce website are running on Magento Software.




Please discuss about the best CMS you are using. List down in comment section and i will add it in the list.

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